Antoguin’s Minions

Forest wraith

Background Story

In the small port city of Tyrnia, trouble has been peeking its ugly head into local affairs and disturbances are beginning to worry many of the townsfolk. Supposedly, the king had sent out a collector of taxes to all the cities. This was highly unusual because each city normally sent a representative to the castle to pay the collectors there. So, the mayor of Tyrnia decided to stop sending a tax representative to the castle and to pay the collector what he asked. Everything seemed to be in order until the day that the king, in his concern as to the whereabouts of Tyrnia’s money, sent a collector with a guard escort of two soldiers on horseback to inquire to the whereabouts of the king’s taxes. Unfortunately, the guard and collector never arrived in Tyrnia, nor reported to the king, so he sent another. They, too, disappeared.
It was at this time that the king sent out a notice for adventurers to hire and investigate the happenings in this region and small city. Secrecy is of the utmost importance, but fortunately, the city of Tyrnia is a hub for adventurers and no one should be the wiser. However, he suggests that they travel cautiously.

(Present map of Tyrnia)

Antoguin's Minions